Crusader Health vs. EPA Air Quality Standards

The EPA measures air pollution throughout the United States at PM10 and PM2.5 levels. We feel these measurements have negligible value to Americans’ health because they measure pollution particles that are too large.

“Particles 10 microns in diameter and larger are filtered out by the nose hairs; those between about 2.5 and 10 microns generally land in the mucus lining of the nose and throat. But where particles are smaller than 2.5 microns, then the body has no special filter for keeping them out… Particles this fine resemble gasses in that they can slide into the bloodstream from small sections deep in the lung…. Once inhaled, particles that are very very fine can slip directly through cell walls into the blood. The effect is like adding flour to gravy; the blood of people breathing polluted air can literally become thicker.” Dr. Devra Davis, When Smoke Ran Like Water

Crusader Health Technologies has super air filtration and acclimatization systems, which remove airborne particulates down to .01 microns, or 1/250th the size of the EPA’s PM2.5 measurement; and 300 gasses, odors, and chemicals down to .00003 microns, or 1/83,333 of the EPA’s PM2.5 measurement.