Air Pollution Risks

For nearly a quarter century, it has been clear that the air pollution in the United States kills between 60,000 and 120,000 people each year and sickens millions more.
—Dr. Devra Davis

We recommend improving the air quality in your home even if you show no symptoms.
—The Environmental Protection Agency

With every increase of just 10 micrograms—10 millionths of a gram—of fine particulate pollution per cubic meter of air, the risk of death for the population rises 5 percent.
—Dr. Devra Davis

With [high levels of air pollution] it is easier to get sick and it takes longer to get better.
—Dr. Ellie Brownstein, Pediatrician (Jan 24, 2013 press conference. See the video here.)

Air pollution negatively effects all of us, but it can have a particularly acute impact on those who suffer from the following ailments:



Birth Defects




Heart Disease


Memory Loss

Breathing clean air in your home will help you avoid these negative effects. In addition, ozone can be particularly harmful to your health.